How to Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft PE

Nov 15, 12 How to Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft PE

An update to Minecraft PE (0.5.0) was released on 11/15/12. You can now make a nether portal but there are no instructions. Well, you have come to the right place.

Here is how to do it:

  • 3×3 cobble on the ground
  • 4 gold in the corners
  • Place cobble on top of gold blocks
  • Reactor in the center
  • Hit it with a diamond sword

Here is a video that shows how. About 8 min in -


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  1. admin /

    What is the latest version of Minecraft PE?

  2. Here is my review:This severr was fun at the beginning, people were friendly, got good spot, etc..Then someone started messing with our creation, even though it was against the rules to do so. When trying to tell a Mod about this issue (we got diamond pickaxe, several precious items, arsenal of steel tools stolen and our nether portal destroyed; everything dug and found by us) we got banned.So if you’re looking to have fun stealing other people’s stuff, join this severr. If you want to have fun creating something that’s worth a lot of effort (been working on that project for about 20 hours at least), then DONT join this severr.That is all I have to say about this.

  3. I played the severr but there are much better severrs out there. i recommend Adoncraft if you are looking for a fun, friendly severr to play on. The admins at Adoncraft are WAY nicer than the ones here.

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